Thursday, May 16, 2013

Entombed - Crawl (1991)

I was absolutely fucking mortified when I heard this  way back in 1991. I find it utterly mind-boggling that Entombed would replace the godly vocals of L.G. Petrov with the monstrously homosexual rasp of the guy from Nirvana 2002. I mean there is just absolutely zero comparison here folks and as great as Entombed is (or were), having a bottom of the barrel singer such as Orvar Safstrom vocally embellish your music is like demolishing a skyscraper a day after building it.

Out of the three tracks here, the only one worth having is 'Forsaken' as it does not appear on any other album. 'Crawl' sounds infinitely better on 'Clandestine' and the re-recording of 'Bitter Loss' with Safstrom's vocals in place of Petrov's is like some sort of sick and twisted joke devised by the band during the down time in between albums.

I'm telling you right now. Anyone who claims that this 'ep' is great or even good is either A) absolutely full of shit, or B) has the worst fucking taste in metal imaginable and I would ignore any suggestions they made from that point on. This is worth having ONLY if you are a diehard fan of Entombed. Even the inclusion of the fairly rare 'Forsaken' is not worth the trouble of having to endure the ultra-gay vocals of Orval Reddenbacher.

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