Friday, May 3, 2013

Murder Construct - Results (2012)

Not being the biggest fan of Cattle Decapitation, I didn't know what to expect here and to be quite honest, assumed that this would be gay as fuck, being that both bands share the same vocalist. As it turns out I was very wrong. This is some pretty fucking brutal shit with plenty of sick riffs and a quality vocal performance from the guy with the Hitler hair-do.

I know that there are a lot of "cool" kids (barf) that think that Relapse Records is the gayest label of all. I get that. I really don't give a shit what these retards think, either. Relapse has always done right by me in regards to turning me onto some of the more unique and bizarre acts out there (ie Today is the Day, People, Monastat 7, C.S.S.O., etc), so I have no complaints with them as far as that goes. They've always had a knack for adding to their roster some of the quirkier bands out there and as a result have helped me broaden my musical horizon. Murder Construct is yet another fine band that have been added to the Relapse ranks throughout the years and had they been on any other label I may have kept moving on past them. Thankfully, curiosity got the best of me, thanks not only to the Relapse's lengthy track record, but also to the absolutely fucking killer cover art courtesy of Orion Landau.

Musically, MC come across as a sort of hybrid of Insect Warfare and Nasum with the riffier onslaught of the former coated by a thicker, beefier production similar to the latter. This is some quality shit right here, and even though I'm sure by now there aren't really many stones left unturned in terms of originality within the grindcore scene, MC carries with them the weight of conviction, which is all that truly matters when it boils down to the core.

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