Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cemetery Earth - Here Rest Remains From Centuries of Demise (1992)

This is one hell of a juicy piece of rotten flesh!

Straight from the rancid bowels of the Northeastern sector of the United States (Philly, to be exact) comes this long forgotten gem of low-tuned gloom guaranteed to please those obsessed with the cavernous sounds of Crematory (Swe), Magus and Feretrum. The guitars are super low and sludgy and the vocals have that sort of demonic power that only rarely comes around. There are plenty of slow to mid-paced riffs that create  a rather horrific and unsettling atmosphere as death metal should but rarely does.

As mentioned above, this demo reminds me very much of Sweden's Crematory what with the riff fluctuations and command over slower tempos. Also like Crematory, if there's one flaw to behold here, it would be in the production, which probably has more to do with the fact that this was released on cassette back in '92 and hasn't aged well, soundwise that is, not musically. Musically this is on par with the mightiest of the ancient death metal bands of the early '90's.

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