Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Black Hollow Black: An interview with Johan Jansson of Interment

A lot of attention has gone towards Carnage/Dismember, Grave and of course, Entombed in regards to the early years of Swedish death metal yet there were many more bands out there at the same time, honing their craft such as Crematory, Macrodex/Crypt of Kerberos, Gorement and of course Beyond. Could you shed some light on those times from your perspective as well as the circumstances that led to the formation of Interment?

Hey there! Well, of course all those bands were a big inspiration for us and they still are. When I heard all the old demos with Nihilist, Carnage, Unleashed, Crematory and the albums “Left Hand Path” and “Dark Recollections” for the first time, I was totally sold on Swedish Death Metal. So that’s a big reason why we started to play Death Metal with Beyond that later became Interment…

I understand Autopsy had made a large impression on many Scandinavian death metal bands, what other bands inspired you to form Beyond/Interment?

That’s right, before the Swedish death metal explosion we listened and were inspired of bands like Autopsy, Death, Sadus, Morbid Angel, Celtic Frost, Bathory, Possessed, Destruction, Kreator and Sodom to mention a few…

What were the circumstances that led to the hibernation of the band and what are your thoughts on the state of the death metal scene throughout the mid to late 90's?

The reason why Interment was laid to rest 1994 was mainly lack of inspiration and interest at that time. We were also busy with other bands and have new projects on the way. Michael and I played in Uncurbed then and the same year I joined Fulmination on guitar and I also began to make songs for my new band Dellamorte with Kennet and Mattias Norrman. So it was a natural step to put Interment on ice for a while…

Some of the bands in the death metal scene developed more into death’n’roll and a kind of grunge metal, it was both good and bad I think…

I am very curious to know your thoughts on early American death metal acts such as Magus, Incantation, Rottrevore and others. What is your opinion of that particular style?

I’m very into Incantation, Immolation, and Malevolent Creation etc. I like that kind of American bulldozer death metal!

What are your thoughts on the so called old school "revival" that has sprung fourth as of late? Are there any bands that are "blowing your hair back" these days?

I really enjoy the “old school revival” and that new bands grow up and old bands reunite. My favorites are definitively Tormented, Tyrant, Morbus Chron, Bastard Priest, Brutally Deceased etc…

What does the future hold for Interment and what is the current status of the mighty Moondark?

Right now we are working on new songs for Interment and the plan is to record a new full-length in the beginning of 2012. We have some shows coming up as well… Moondark will record some new stuff for an EP as soon as we can, one track is ready and I have a lot of recorded riffs for more tracks. So prepare for total and cold darkness...

Finally, the fellows in Graveyard (swe) have mentioned that despite their style of music they actually prefer beer over ganja! Is this true for Interment as well? 

Not at all, we prefer Vodka rather than beer and ganja!

8)Once again, many thanks for your time Johan! Any last words?

Thanx Joshua for the interview and good luck with your blog! For latest news and updates, please check out our websites and support the underground Death metal scene! By the way, we will do our first show ever on American soil at the Rites of Darkness festival, San Antonio TX, 9-11 December and at Maryland Death Fest 2012!!



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