Monday, July 30, 2012

Bonded Through Hate - Doomsday: The Rise of Valhalla

Bonded Through Hate is the spiritual continuation of Connecticut's long defunct death squad, Tyrant Trooper. I know more than a few folks out there will be quick to label this as being "deathcore", but trust me, there is nothing gay about this CD. There is double the aggression and overall heaviness on this disc in comparison to anything released by Tyrant Trooper. Where the thrash and hardcore elements were glaringly apparent when listening to that band, here, the riffing and aggression here is more death metal oriented reminding me at times of Ohio's 'Gutted' or even Jungle Rot.

I'm always happy to hear quality death metal coming out of my home state of Connecticut and Bonded Through Hate have certainly done me proud. There's even a rather "old style" tone and feeling throughout the  five songs presented here. This definitely brings back memories of long defunct New England death metal bands such as 'Perpetual Doom' and to some extent, 'Scattered Remnants'. You can't fake the sound that this band so effortlessly employs and exploits. Either you got it or you don't and without a doubt BTH has this style in a fucking chokehold. This is definitely worthy to be in the collection of anyone who prefers their death metal headbangable and heavy as fuck. I'm looking forward to what the future holds for this crushing band.

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