Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Maniac (1980)

Boy , this one got all the liberal feminists in an uproar ! I suppose if you consider the time that this came out you just might find it in your heart to sympathize with the crusty old cunts .

In the late 70's / early 80's America was under siege . Serial killers were running amok targeting mostly women and children ( ie . John Wayne Gacy , The Hillside Stranglers , The Atlanta Child Murders , The Green River Killer , etc al ) though there were a couple of fag serial killers exclusively hunting down hitchhiking boys, runaways , drug addicts and so on .

Perhaps owing almost entirely to Joe Spinells tour de-fucking-force performance as the maniac running around the big apple , snuffing out random stupid cunts and their horny guinea boyfriends, the Gloria Steinem foot patrol went apeshit and commenced to doing their best to get this film banned .

The most notable thing about this film beyond the schizophrenic carnage within is the fact that Maniac is eerily reminiscent of the Son of Sam murders that terrorized NYC just a few years earlier . The closest film I can think of in terms of tone and overall misogynism is Dont Go In The House released the same year .

Maniac is a personal favorite and I'm kinda bummed that director William Lustig was never really able to recapture the grimy and lecherous feeling spewed fourth by this film . A true grindhouse classic .

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