Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Teitanblood - Purging Tongues

Fuck yeah! Now this is how to go about the whole "raw" blackened/death thing the right way!

I've previously read reviews comparing Teitanblood to Blasphemy, and while I "get" the comparison, I believe Teitanblood has incorporated enough of their own creative vibe into this release to safely escort them away from the 'clone zone'. Has Teitanblood unearthed some fraction of death/black metal previously unnoticed? Of course not. But when shit sounds this good, who gives a fuck?

I'm actually somewhat surprised that Sir Hank of Amarillo has given this the Darkthrone "seal of approval" (barf), as I have yet to detect even a sliver of gayness throughout. Hmph.

The best way I could describe this as sounding is sort of a slightly blacker sounding version of what most of the Incantation wannabe bands are currently churning out. It has that evil aura that the old New Jersey bands have, such as Incantation and Symphony of Grief, but with a little "black pepper" thrown into the mix. This actually works in the bands favor. Normally I cringe when I hear of something being described as "blackened". It's kind of like finding out that the girl you had a crush on used to blow niggers for crack.

There's some skanky little Latin priest dude that babbles throughout the duration of the song which gives everything an extra boost of weirdo creepiness that makes this release all the more compelling. I will certainly be looking forward to what this band does next.

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