Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cynic - Focus

Calling this band gay is like telling a nigger he's black. You're merely stating the obvious. I don't think that anyone was blown away by the fact that everyone in Cynic turned out to be a flame broiled fag. It was probably more surprising to the world when Rob Halford came skating out of the closet, Kramer style.

This album is the bible for that faction of metalheads that like to express their "feelings" with one another. Any semblance of aggression found on this album is merely a smokescreen put up in a feeble attempt to hide the ravenous cravings for cock this band has. Even the album cover resembles an utterly blown out asshole.

Cynic are the musical equivalent of a gay serial killer. They are prone to methodically weave a web of normalcy in order to disguise the fact that behind closed doors they have all along been engaging in a veritable smorgasbord of homosexual rape, torture and murder. The sole reason for this album's existence is to lure even more young, homosexual males into the fold.

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