Monday, July 16, 2012

Necrophobic - The Nocturnal Silence

After releasing two "so-so" sounding demos, Sweden's Necrophobic decided to no longer fuck around and recorded what is in my opinion, one of the greatest releases from Sweden's golden era of death metal, 1991's 'Unholy Prophecies'. In 1993 they followed it up with the equally masterful 'The Call'. Not long afterwards, vocalist Stefan Harrvik (also of legendary Swedish GODS Crematory) decided to jump ship as he must have forseen the desire the rest of the band had to play dress up shove big nigger radiator hoses up their asses like the majority of their countrymen had begun to do... those who hadn't begun to "death -n- roll", that is.

As anybody who was alive and coherent during the early 90's era will no doubt remember, once 'Count Grizzled Cock' of Norway's Burzum was arrested for stabbing 'Your-mom's-anus' to death back in the Summer of 1993, the world was collectively stricken with jungle fever and thus began a treasonous mass migration and gravitation of death metal bands towards the ultra weak and homosexual sounds of black metal. Necrophobic was one of the countless hordes of Scandinavian musicians at the time, who manifested a ravenous craving for black cock. Instead of dressing up like a bunch of nigger loving whores as was the custom among Scandinavian men in those days, Necrophobic opted to go about their business "in the gruff", so to speak. Make no mistake though, the tell tale screams of a dirty little whore being beaten and burned with a crack pipe by her nigger pimp were in full effect here as was the tinny and flamboyant guitar sound so wholeheartedy embraced by their Norwegian counterparts.

I can honestly say that I was not very surprised to hear that Necrophobic decided to jump on the black metal bandwagon as most bands by that time were abandoning their original sound for one gay endeavor to the next. I think it bothered me more that certain disillusioned critics persisted on referring to them as a 'death metal' band. make no mistake about it folks. Necrophobic's "death metal" days died shortly after the release of 1993's 'The Call', meaning that they wasted no time in hopping on the big ol' black nigger cock later that year.

The only good thing that I can say about any of this is that strong was the wisdom and conviction of the mighty one, Stefan Harrvik, that he chose not to follow his traitorous bandmates into the pink fog of the black metal orgy that was at it's peak in those years. Many hails to Stefan Harrvik!

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