Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Impaled - The Dead Shall Dead Remain

I read a review for Exhumed's 'Gore Metal' where the guy was dissing that album as being a "boring Carcass ripoff", while praising Impaled's debut, 'The Dead Shall Dead Remain' as a masterwork, yada fucking yada. Did somebody slap that guy in the face with a brick? Impaled is, if not more of a Carcass rip off than Exhumed could ever wish to be. At least Exhumed attempted to zerox the better version of Carcass. Impaled have dedicated their entire career to emulating the most flame-broiled, cock hungry aspects of Carcass' later albums.

I remember listening to Necroticism when it first came out and feeling extremely bummed. Long gone was the gloomy atmosphere of 1989's classick 'Symphonies of Sickness'. All of a sudden Carcass were incorporating all of the fruity and tell tale elements of delusion that most musicians fall prey to once they start believing they have "skills". Like a malignant tumor, this unfortunate mindset would only further worsen with each subsequent release.

Impaled apparently believe they have "skills" as they jumped right into that quicksand of  gay pretentiousness that swallowed Carcass whole like a monstrously homosexual Sarlacc pit. Apparently the band thought that they could disguise their homosexuality by giving this album the shittiest production ever. Either that or after the "de-plugging" of each band members assholes, a veritable tsunami of  diarrhea left the studio awash, which, given the band's preference for cock, I can only assume was part of the master plan.

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