Saturday, July 28, 2012

Decrepit Birth - Polarity

Decrepit Birth are one of those bands that started out as a bunch of wiggers but then realized that instead of merely slapping themselves in the face with big nigger cock, they found themselves driven to go "all out" with a group 'sex change' operation in an attempt to covet all of the cock that exists in the world. Unfortunately for them, not everyone is gay.

This album is like an alien transmitter to all of the flaming faggots in the universe. Like in the original 'Alien', this band has initiated a false S.O.S. in order to lure weary and unknowing travelers into their clutches so that they may facefuck and impregnate them with their utterly gay seed.

Even with the presence of the dirty old hippy and the generic death metal name, the rest of the band cannot contain their true, homosexual appearance from emerging. The music contained herein is of the ultra gay "technical death metal" variety and will most definitely appeal to those who jump for joy over pink chocolate and assless chaps.

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