Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Burning (1981)

For my money I'll always go with the first four Friday the 13th flicks as far as slashers go. There are some others that kick ass as well , The Burning being one of them . My only problem with The Burning is that not enough people die. I mean, don't get me wrong here, killing a whole raft load of people in one fell swoop is an endeavor certainly worth praise but aside from that and a few other kills I felt a bit cheated, especially towards the end with the goon squad on their way. you know Cropsy's time is up and I had that lingering, bummed feeling that "playtime" was about to be over. You know, that feeling you get around evening on Sunday because you know suck ass Monday is right around the corner, so you can't thoroughly enjoy the rest of your day .

I have no problem whatsoever with this being a Friday the 13th clone. That kinda shit doesn't bother me in the least. If it's a good flick, the killer looks cool and there's carnage aplenty, I'm a happy guy. If Jason or Leatherface are takin' the day off, I got no problem with someone taking over for a day or two. Ol' Cropsy is definitely one of the more gnarlier murderers to behold, which is something that holds weight with me. I HATE faggot preppie, douche bag, Starbucks coffee drinkin' yuppie businessmen types who all the BADMOVIE.COM types probably cream themselves over. You know, the kind of too cool Hollywood heartthrob, bullshit "serial killer" I'm talkin' about. Kalifornia, American Psycho. Even if people like that do exist, which I'm sure they do, I am not in the fucking slightest bit afraid of the cunt.

"Brad Pitt" Cropsy aint, and thank the merciful gods of depravity for that small favor! Also of note is the sincerely creepy soundtrack by on again off again Yes man, Rick Wakeman . Good little 'hack-n-Slash in the woods' flick here. You can certainly do worse, even if the body count is a little on the dry side, though as I mentioned earlier, Cropsy does his best to play catch up on the raft , a scene you need to see to believe .

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