Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Eaten Alive (1976)

This really could be interpreted as Hooper's unofficial sequel to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre with the scythe in place of the saw.

Continuing Hooper's sordid depiction of Southern discomfort in the form of whacked out, homicidal rednecks, Eaten Alive, in my opinion, is a worthy follow up to TCM. It's way more grainy which to me leads to a more grimy feel. Some of the effects are pretty rough and obviously haven't aged well, but that is, of course, a required ingredient for its mojo. The croc, thankfully, is rather obscured by the darkness of the film . Had the croc been more visible I may have been a bit unforgiving in that department.

Neville Brand, in what seems like Tobe's knack for getting his actors to really let loose their inner "Deliverance", literally slays the competition. I always felt that the original Chainsaw was more like actual footage of a day in the life of a bunch of semi (and fully) retarded maniac cannibals "doin' there thang". Brand's character is no different and ultimately comes across as some long lost relative of Chainsaw's cannibal clan.

Watching this flick now is about as close as you're gonna get to the whole 70's drive-in craze. Dark Sky's transfer, as great as it is, still has that old and grainy feel essential to obtaining that long lost atmosphere that cinema has lacked for many years now . This film is just another notch on the battleaxe used in the war against gay modern cinema. One of the many reasons why the 70's was and will always be the epitome of horror cinema.

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