Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sadistic Intentions: An interview with Bill Mears of Accidental Suicide

Around what year was Accidental formed and how old was the average age of the band at the time? What kind of relationship did you guys have with one another before the formation of the band?

We formed back in March of '89. I was 17 ,Ed and Travis were 18 , Chris was I think 14 . He was just a pup i know that and i believe Eric was 14 or 15. Ed and Travis had been friends since they were kids. The rest of us had all not known one another very long at all.

What were your influences back then and what was the scene like in Milwaukee in the 80’s/early 90’s?

Me personally , I was into Death ,Obituary, Morbid Angel, Paradise Lost etc. As for the scene in Milwaukee, well, support of death metal sucked ass. Unless you were a cover band and played mainstream music , you were pretty much fucked! Although so damn good death metal bands came out. Viogression, Dr. Shrinker, Phantasm, etc. 

How did your signing to Grindcore Records come about and what wa your experience with them like?

Really being with Grindcore was basically by default. Deaf/Peaceville Records were who we were signed with and Grindcore was pretty much american distribution and contact for us. my dealings with them went well.

One of the greatest and most unique aspects of Accidental’s style was the bands ability to drop the tempo and conjure fourth the heaviest riffs imaginable. Was it intentional on behalf of the guitarists to incorporate such doomy elements into the song structure or was it an unconscious endeavor?

The best way I can answer that is simply were wrote what we wanted to hear. i guess it was what felt natural and right to us. It was all about atmosphere. 

Who was the mastermind behind the grisly cover art for ‘Deceased’?

Eddie drew the cover. He"s as good an artist as he is vocalist. Also the cover was painted by a guy in England. His name escapes me at the moment. Sorry dude

I understand Ed (vocals) was in an accident some time after the release of the album. What were the circumstances surrounding this and in what way did it affect the band?

Actually Eddie's car accident happen shortly after we started recording Deceased. He fell asleep at the wheel and tried to take out a big ass tree. He sustained multiple injures , some of which were serious in nature. The whole ordeal I feel pulled us closer as a band . To this day I consider him a brother to me and couldn't have imagined doing Accidental with anybody else.

Until recently it was a largely unknown fact that there is a wealth of unreleased Accidental material out there including an EP and an unmixed album. Why were these songs thrown on the back burner and is there any chance to see them properly released in the near future?

Well the first and foremost reason is just flatout laziness. When we parted ways with Deaf records we continued to go into the studio and self finance sessions. I am left with so much regret with not shopping the last stuff we recorded around. In my opinion we were another level with death metal then. I'm not saying we were the best because i don't believe that but those last recording no one was doing that kind of shit.

What were the events that led to the eventual demise of the band?

That's a great question. I wish I could give you a straight answer. We just slowly started slowly dropping off . First Steve then Chris and then we decide it's not Accidental anymore ,so fuck it!

I understand you and Ed have been working on a new project together. Can you shed some light on this for us?

Yes. Eddie, myself, Bryan Jaeger from Viogression, and Jimmy Casper started jamming a few months back. It's awesome to be playing and writing again. The name of the band is "Of Sorrow". Heavy ass shit! As soon as we have something laid down , we"ll post it.

What are your thoughts on the recent re-discovery of the band and its growing popularity due to the internet?

It fucking blows my mind and is very flattering. I'm glad true death metal as a whole has resurfaced and started getting the credit it has so long deserved.

Alright Bill, thanks a bunch for your time and for being gracious enough to answer these questions, any last words for the damned?

Thanks to all the have supported the band throughout the years. Josh, to be doing this interview for you, a true fucking fan is an honor and privilege. Stay in touch bro!

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