Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Human Butcher: An interview with Rick Finnegan of Excoriate

What was the first band that dropkicked you in your cabeza and made you realize that metal is law?

Well, it was probably Infernal Majesty. that shit back in the day was just so evil sounding ..........great stuff. 

What was the metal scene like in new London during the 80's?

The metal scene was kicking ass back then. There were shows all the time. Great bands, great people, good times..... 

What or who gave you the initial inspiration to puke all over the mic?

I think it was John La Bossiere, the singer from Sado Massakist. I was playing guitar back then for Sado and watching him made me want to try it so I did and it sounded great so I kept practicing til I had my style of voice down. 

Were there any bands before excoriate that you were involved with?

Yeah,  I was involved with a band called Corpus Delecti then Sado Masakist and then Mortalis. 

What led to the formation of Excoriate and what were the band's long term goals at that time?

What led up to the formation of Excoriate was the demise of 2 great local bands called Blind Hatred and Mortalis. Me and Joe got together with Chris and Rob from Mortalis, figured out a few things and started jamming and we just clicked.  All great guys into the same music and we wanted this to go all the way. We knew we had the correct material to put out and it was comparable to anything back in the day, so we wanted a piece of the death metal pie, lol.

How often did you guys gig and what were some of the bands you guys shared the stage with? Any stand outs?

We were gigging quite often from Jersey to Mass an did some sick ass shows with Putrid Decay, Morpheus (now Morpheus Decends) and those monsters PYREXIA. Great shows. Great turnouts. 

In '92 the band recorded and released the 'Dead Molestation' demo. Looking back almost 20 years later, what are your thoughts on it. Were you pleased with the way that it came out and do you feel that it has stood the test of time?

The production was kinda rough and distorted and kind of disappointing. Couldnt really hear everything but it was what it was and it did the trick and the music was just absolutly crushing and now 20 yrs later, seeing the attention we're getting, I'd have to say it definitley stood the test of time and then some...

During Excoriate's existence who were some of the other bands from CT that you guys had a camradrie with?

There were a few bands around back in the day. Necrofeast, Sado Masakist and a few others.

Could you tell me a little about your fellow Eastern CT deathsters, 'Necrofeast'?

Necrofeast was an awsome band formally known as Decomposed. They made a big mark in this area for a long time then changed their  name for legal reasons. Jesse, my best friend, was the singer and was a great singer (R.I.P. Jesse) and made that band sound just awesome. 

From your perspective, what were the events that led to the break up of Excoriate?

We broke up because Joe got arrested and just started not coming and we just went our separate ways. Now looking back, what a shame it was. Our drummer had 3 requests from 3 different record labels, with Relapse being one of them and 2 other good ones but Chris the drummer was mad at us and never said anything and most of us never saw each other again.

Did you stay involved with the metal scene since then, aside from listening to music, obviously?

Yes. I formed another band called Excessive Behaviour and Man, you guys gotta check this shit out! Death metal at its finest. It's not Excoriate but its some great old school death metal with a new twist to it. It's me, the singer from Sado Masakist and the drummer from Sado. Turned out great.  I'll set you up a link to down load it . 

What does the future hold for the band? Any chance of seeing a re-release of 'Dead Molestation'?

I dont think we will be doing a re-release of Dead Molestation anytime soon. That demo is what it is and now its time for something fresh.   

Are there any plans to work on a full length, perhaps?

Yes, a full length album is the goal we're shooting for and we're well on our way. Our new drummer is slamming and this music is coming together unbelievably. 

Alright Rick, thanks a bunch for your time Brother, any final words for the dying and the damned?

Well, for all you fans sending me all these e-mails and stuff, dont worry, this shit is on its way and will dissappoint none. This new Excoriate will be a fresh shot of sick ass, grotesque, head ripping, skull pounding fucking death metal the way it's meant to be . See you guys soon... Excoriate.

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