Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Would The Illuminati Sacrifice Israel?

by Henry Makow Ph. D.

On Oct 6 1973, Egypt and Syria launched a coordinated surprise attack on Israel.

Israeli defenders on the Suez Canal and the Golan Heights were outnumbered and overwhelmed. Israel took heavy casualties and was considering the nuclear option.

Was Israel really in mortal danger?

Israel is the Rothschilds' personal fiefdom - their personal family army, nuclear arsenal and intelligence service, all in one.

Jerusalem is destined to be the pagan religious and governmental center of their World Government. They designed and paid for the Israeli parliament (Knesset) and the new Masonic-themed Supreme Court Building, destined to arbitrate global disputes. Their mugs are plastered all over Israeli currency.


About two months ago, Moscow-based, Israeli journalist Israel Shamir received a secret 20-page report written in Jan. 1975 by the Soviet ambassador to Cairo, Vladimir M.Vinogradov.
According to Vinogradov, a veteran diplomat who later  became Russian Foreign Minister, the Yom Kippur War was a conspiracy organized by Henry Kissinger in cahoots with Anwar Sadat and Golda Meir.  The respective motives were:

1. The US would replace Russia in the hearts of the Arabs by saving Egypt from another defeat. The price of oil would soar and the Arabs would show their appreciation by accepting US dollars for it.

2.  Golda Meir (Israel) was willing to sacrifice 2500 Israelis dead and 7500 wounded to oblige its biggest benefactor. The US would also emerge as Israel's savior and therefore the ideal peace broker between a chastened Israel and an Egypt which has regained its pride. The Syrian army would be destroyed. Estimates suggest Arab dead and casualties were 6 times Israel's.   

3. Anwar Sadat was isolated domestically and his prestige was at its nadir. He needed to placate the nation by avenging the 1967 defeat. Probably a CIA asset, he disliked the USSR and was opposed to socialism.


1. Like Stalin on the eve of Operation Barbarossa, Israel ignored the Egyptian troop build-up and warnings of imminent invasion.

2. After overwhelming Israeli positions on the east bank of the canal, the Egyptians did not advance into the Sinai, nor were there plans for this. They simply stopped. The Israelis were able to concentrate all their forces in the Golan and were able to defeat the Syrians. Hafez el Assad knew he had been betrayed by his ally!

3. When the Israelis began to move their forces south, Sadat vetoed an offer by the Jordanians to attack their flank.

4. Sadat ordered a 40 km gap be left between his Second and Third Armies. This allowed General Sharon to slip through, cross the Suez Canal and encircle the Egyptian armies.

5. The US saved Israel with an airlift of badly needed supplies; and it "saved" Egypt by ordering a stop to the Israeli advance to Cairo.

"Achieved by lies and treason, the Camp David Peace treaty still guards Israeli and American interests," Shamir concludes.
"Sadat's name in the pantheon of Egyptian heroes was safe until now...[The war] sealed the fate of the Soviet presence and eminence in the Arab world.. Thanks to the American takeover of Egypt, petrodollar schemes were formed, and the dollar that began its decline in 1971 by losing its gold standard - recovered and became again a full-fledged world reserve currency. The oil of the Saudis and of sheikdoms being sold for dollars became the new lifeline for the American empire."


Like the Yom Kippur War, most wars are choreographed. The outcome is determined in advance. Of course, the participants are not privy to these plans.

If there is a war with Iran, or a larger conflagration, the fix will be in. I don't think Israel will be destroyed, certainly not Jerusalem.

This doesn't mean Israelis won't be scared out of their wits. Zionism thrives on convincing Jews their very existence is under constant threat, like it was on Yom Kippur 1973..

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