Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cryptopsy - Whisper Supremacy

It seems that Cryptopsy were so pre-occupied with the technical aspect of this album that the slower, "slammier" sections sound as if they were tacked on as an afterthought. Some of the breakdowns on this album just sound downright goofy and made worse by what seems to be the bands inability to incorporate a good vocalist into the ranks. Mike DiSalvo sounds way out of place here. I know the kid can belt out a fairly decent low end burp as evidenced from his previous band, Infestation, but whatever the hell is going on here is downright embarrassing to listen to. In his defense, there are about two or three growls on here that fit the impact of the rhythm at hand, of course that's hardly enough to justify his appearance for the duration of the albums entirety.

Aside from the monstrously dumbed down "slam" riffs (which, by the way, are mercifully kept to a minimum) are some of Jon Levasseur's most intricate and insanely wicked forays into that void of bizarre tremolo chaos that was first introduced on 'None so Vile', such as the beginning sections of 'Loathe' and 'Depths You've Fallen'. It's too bad that this album suffers from having a vocalist even worse than the last as I could imagine how much better this could have turned out had the band opted to enlist the services of someone like ex-Kataklysm madman, Sylvain Houde, to breathe fire into the microphone. Unfortunately, despite the mostly killer guitar riffs and flawless drumming, this album falls into the "could've, should've" category.

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